The “Candle World” family business has been engaged in candle-making since 1984. The original design of Tibor Ávár, founder and manager of the company, has conquered the Hungarian and the

The Box Donut

Have you ever eaten square donut specialties? At the Advent feast you can do so! Take your pick from the exceptionally fine donuts of The Donut Box, which are made from premium quality materials. The donuts are fried in peanut oil, and filled with jams and creams free from preservatives and artificial colouring, and decorated with Belgian chocolate icing.

Mónika Dévényi

At the Advent fair the vitreous enamel artist offers her own hand-made jewellery combining the ancient enamelling technique with special contemporary colours and shapes.


The Mankas are made on the basis of original drawings, they are also individually prepared, so every one of them is unique!

Hungarian Children Clothing

The company’s goal is to start to educate children from a young age about the dressing culture. They do this by offering their homemade products at a reasonable price. The main aspects of the design: the quality of materials, comfort, tastefulness and practicality, as well as the combination of old Hungarian decorative motifs and tailoring which are still adaptable to contemporary style.

Pipitér Wooden Toys

They implement their ideas using wood. The wood’s structure can be seen through the natural colouring of the toys, which makes their goods unique and special.


Their hand puppets are known on all the five continents, and they have become popular toys in the nurseries. Now visitors can choose among a hundred figures.

Giranelli Jewellery

Giranellis are individual rings, necklaces and earrings made of blown glass. Their designer, Kriszta Napraforgó (‘Sunfower’) Rácz prefers the rounded shapes and the sphere, because they symbolizes wholeness and unity.

Dake Outfit

The small family business has been producing originally designed canvas bags since 2004. Their product range continues to expand with new items of certified quality, now they produce 7-8 different messenger bags, fanny packs, wallets, cellphone cases and other accessories and t-shirts.


The company called “Miracle Glass” manufactures objects, furnitures and other interior design elements from glass. They have been developing unique materials such as copper motives forged between layers of glass, and using it to make panels, tables and bowls. They use the same method melting together different glasses, and they also make Tiffany lamps to order.


At their stall visitors can buy wall hangings, bedspreads, pillows, children’s rugs, kitchen accessories, curtains and everyday objects (toilet-cases, wallets, cellphone covers, spectacle-cases). Toys, figurines and ornaments are also available or can be pre-ordered with patterns and colours by the customers choice.


Since the beginning of her carrier, Judit Dora has always been curious about the colours and shapes people would pick for their home. In her workshop she makes gifts using old Hungarian motives, blessings and sayings. She does all the handwork herself: the polishing, sewing and glueing.

Couleurs de Papillon

They try to smuggle warmth and joy in people’s hearts with their pieces made by their unique patchwork and crochet techniques. Their collection is in constant renewal as the seasons change, so now they are preparing with special creations for the holiday season.

Balázs Craftsmen House

Katalin Balázs, ethnographer and ceramist and József Balázs, ceramist and wood carving folk artist founded the Craftsmen House in 1977, and since then they have been making their ceramics together. In their works they combine knowledge, experience and taste – and they have passed the same values to their five children.


AMEI is a delicacy made of dried or liofilized fruits preserved in acacia honey. It can be consumed as a snack, but it is also a great addition to a tea or a cake, and adds a great fruity flavour to a yoghurt or a muesli.

Angel’s Gift

The family business (called Shop of Angels’ Gifts) aims to represent the classic values of the Advent for everybody. Their fabulous gifts truly express their authentic roots.


According to the legend the the beauty of the plants and the flowers in the garden are protected by these guardians with long limbs and big eyes, called Pixies. Providing shelter to a Pixies family one can expect good fortune and growth.

Bereznai Ceramics

Éva Bereznai Szabó has been working on folk and artisan ceramics since 1997. The core of her latest collection are the colours of black and silver, in combination with others as it can be seen on the glaze of her candlesticks, night lamps, festive plates and Christmas decorations.

Hand-painted glass ornaments

The popular vendors of the Christmas fair are offering sophisticated night lamps, candlesticks and hand-painted Christmas decorations made from glass or ceramic. 

Otto Kaiser Photography

Photographer Otto Kaiser founded its business 13 years ago, and 4 years ago he started to make souvenirs especially for tourists visiting Hungary. The photos are sealed with his trademark certifying their authenticity.

Károly Ruttkay

Károly Ruttkay sells books, postcards, watercolours, photos, etchings, vintage style panel painting and fridge magnets as well as vintage Christmas decoration objects.

Absolute Budapest

Exclusive photographs, postcards, posters and frames are available along with antique and retro cameras, slide strips, Polaroids, from the works of Szabolcs Antal, in outstanding print quality.


Beautiful Christmas gifts, attractive decorations, lovely plush toys in different colours and sizes. Notebooks with hand-painted cover, plaster jewellery – it’s easy to find a gift for anyone at Gabriella Vágyi’s stand.

Ökrös Szekér (Ox Cart)

The family business called “Ox Cart” has been working with the same enthusiasm for 10 years, maintaining the highest quality standards. Their leather works are made from excellent Hungarian materials..

Péter Klagyivik and Magdi Cseh – Ceramics from Mezőtúr

Looking for a flask, a pot or a mug? You can find all of them at the magical stall of Péter Klagyivik and Magdi Cseh, where you can browse through the ornamental and practical objects of these two folk artists. The decoration of their potteries is a spirited mix of the ancient multilayered ornamentation and the traditional motives from Mezőtúr and those of the saxons in Transylvania.


Its unique or manufactured design jewellery now is made not only of glass but also of INOX, so RixArt can surprise its costumers with new directions and new designs.

Endre Kocsis furrier

As the heir of a furrier dynasty he produces coats, fur coats, hats, collars and gloves for men, women and children. For archers he also offers special winter fur caps, inspired by the ethnic groups of the Steppe.

Zsigray Stúdió

The studio has been designing and producing postcards since 1981 in collaboration with several renowned photographers and designers. They have set high standards, which appears in their retro toy series too.

Kezit Láb

Enamelled, copper, wooden, bronze or even horsehair jewellery! In addition to its wide range of accessories the workshop of Kezit Láb produces bookmarks and greeting cards from hand-made paper, together with textile bags and warm wool clothing.


Gizo offers souvenirs and wicker works in the Africa Museum in Balatonederics for 20 years. In addition to their most popular gifts, this year they are preparing for the Advent fair with Asian, African and Hungarian goods.

Bomo Art

Bomo Art produces hand-sewn notebooks and diaries from high quality materials like elegant, watermarked paper and hard-wearing goat and lamb leather. They also offer wrapping papers with original patterns.

Inka House

Visitors may admire the culture and the gems of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru at the stall of the Inca House. The silver jewellery, wool and cotton clothing items and everyday objects of their collection can evoke the mystic atmosphere of South-America and its popular motives.

Kosty, the touchable past

János Kosteleczki produces antique style small furniture from pinewood and picture frames with natural surface treatment. In his workshop the old designs reappear on cabinets, cupboards and other objects. Visitors can also find here a suitable frame for any painting, photo or mirror.